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Welcome to Faith Enviro

Catering primarily to the Oil and Gas industry, Faith Enviro is a professional engineering firm specializing in environmental regulatory compliance, safety, and training.  We work hard to ensure our clients are in compliance and also to ensure we are able to continue offering the best value on the market.  As a small business ourselves, we understand the importance of frugality and eliminating unnecessary business expenses.  Compliance isn't generally the most exciting thing you will deal with all day, however, our objective is to make it as painless, thorough, and cost-effective as we are humanly able.  We are also developing technology solutions, such as the (TCP) Total Compliance Plan which enables us to partner with our clients by providing field-based inspections, accurate compliance documentation, and record storage with online access.

As an oil and gas industry tech leader, we have systems in place which allow us to produce work faster, with a higher level of accuracy and consistency, at competitive rates. 


No Matter The Number Of Facilities

Engineering Consulting ServicesOklahomaTexasKansas Other States
  SPCC Plans - Production
(40 cfr 112.7 & 112.9)
 $250$325 $325 Call 
SPCC Plans - Storage
(40 cfr 112.7 & 112.8)
$400 $500 $500 Call
 Contingency Plans 
(40 cfr 109)
 $175$175  $175 Call
 SPCC Annual Inspections
(40 cfr 112)
$100 $125 $125 Call 
 State Tier II Filing - EPCRA
(new filing/annual filing)
$30/$20$50/$20 $30/$20 Call 

Why and How are our prices so much better than everyone else in the industry?

Why?: Our philosophy is that every oil and gas company should be in compliance.  In order for that to happen, then it has to be very affordable no matter the size of the company or the state of the market.

How?: In order to have the best possible pricing in the industry and to exceed compliance standards , we have to do business differently right?  We consolidate our clients, as if to be one very large client, to be most efficient when planning to get work done.  We also leverage current technologies such as drone technology and high end software solutions to get the most accurate facility data (eliminating human error) in a record amount of time.  These are simple, common sense, and practical solutions for any compliance company in an oil and gas market that is bull or bear. 


We are continually innovating to bring costs down.

Business Philosophy

No waste and all efficiency. 


Innovative software reduces the risk for human error and results in accurate plans.


Reports you need at the tip of your fingers to share with whomever you choose (employees, subcontractors, and state and federal compliance departments).

Save Time

With multiple ways to transfer/submit facility data from filings you've already done.

(tier II, txrr, occ, kcc)


Staying in compliance shouldn't be a detriment to your bottom line no matter a bull or bear market.